Bound Together is a place that welcomes, nurtures and encourages all who are part of it’s fabric.We have been entrusted with  children who are actively working toward improving their academic skills and in the process forming strong bonds with each other and the adults who either tutor or cook.Bound Together is in session (after school) every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout the school year. On the second  and forth Monday, we offer an art experience called “Creation Station.” On the first and third Monday, we meet for “Kids in the Kitchen” – a fun and  informative cooking class on healthy choices and simple food preparation, using those choices. After all sessions, we supply a hot meal –  all this at no cost to families!

We see remarkable things during the tutoring sessions. Words are sounded out, meaning are discussed, multiplication tables are recited and friendships bloom. One on one tutoring is the goal and for the most part we achieve that.  The success of the program  is a  direct result of caring volunteers (both as tutors and as dinner servers.)

During dinner, the kids share stories and observations with each other. They celebrate, console and listen to their table mates and care! They  all want to know what is for dinner and the most popular  “chore” on the chore list is Kitchen Helper!

Bound Together keeps it’s doors open and the program strong as a result of the generosity of many who feel supporting Bound Together is an investment in the life of a child.  The children know that we are supplying an environment that fosters improvement and recognizes struggle.  We stress kindness and empathy and are very pleased when we see evidence that these values are present with everyone. The joy on a child’s face when they run in and proudly show a certificate of achievement is heart warming and affirming. When a parent grabs your arm and says, “Thank you,” as they hold up a report card that shows improvement,  is priceless and humbling. We  delight in celebrating with these kids, during parties, held throughout the year.  These are times when memories are made and  cherished!